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An Office Clock from City Hall, Belfast.

I worked for many years in City Hall.It is a building with real character (it first opened in 1906), and although working offices have now largely moved out of City Hall to make way for public display spaces, there used to be many, many individual rooms within the building.
When I worked there, each office was allocated a storage area in one of the basement rooms.These too were fascinating being full of old ledgers full of beautiful copperplate writing and ancient books of local bylaws.In one basement that I used to visit occasionally, there was a huge leather bound volume of these bylaws (dating from the 1840’s if I remember correctly).My reward for each dusty basement visit was to open it at a random page to see what I could find.I remember discovering such anachronisms as a bylaw that banned keeping pigs inside a boarding house.Another specified the amount of straw that was to be packed around gunpowder barrels when transporting them in carts through the streets.That was a great tim…