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In homage to all those photo blogs out there, here are a few of mine.  You will have to forgive that they most were taken on my phone.  It is not an expensive one, or particularly high tech, but I like these few pics.

A ship called Dignity - On Arran many years ago (OK, this is in Scotland, but I wanted to get this pic in).

The boat house at Castle Ward, Co. Down.

Dundrum Castle, Co. Down, looking towards the Mournes.

Sunflowers at Mount Stewart, Co. Down.

The watcher - Taken on the towpath near Moira.

Kilbroney, Rostrevor, Co. Down.

Getting Comfortable.

Brexit – A dirty word in any European Language.

I don’t know about you, but I am sick of Brexit.Mind you I was pretty sick of the petty squabbles our Westminster and Stormont politicians kept harping on about even before the Brexit vote.So here is my semi reasoned view of the situation.
We hear a lot about the wonderful democratic process that we went through to get to the current impasse.I don’t often agree with Corbin, but while people on either side of the Brexit debate were either slagging off the EU or singing its unequivocal praises, I remember that his expressed opinion of it was “seven out of ten”.In other words it isn’t perfect, but it’s better than nothing.That was probably the most honest thing that was said in the whole convoluted lead up to the referendum.There was so much drivel and misinformation told by both sides, few voters could have made a reasonable voting judgement.The result sucks on that count alone. These Brexit results are from:

We are told that we mus…

Old Ireland/ New Ireland; Old World/ New World. A pessimistic speculation on the future course of everything.

First a disclaimer (or three):

As I said in my profile, I never promised that readers were going to like or agree with everything that I write.If you don’t, feel free to post a comment to point out the error of my ways. The economic theories described below are gross simplifications. This is a worst case scenario, but unfortunately, I don’t think it is impossible.

The picture is of Kearney, in Co. Down (You might as well have something picturesque to look at)
How many Politicians can you think of that you actually believe are honest, hardworking and intelligent enough to be let out on their own?We seem to have particular issues with this here in the North, yet we keep re-electing these sectarian plonkers.Look at the state of this province.The RHI enquiry continues showing up cronyism, incompetence and downright greed, Stormont still does not exist despite a backlog of huge and urgent issues that need dealt with (not least of which is Brexit).The electorate in North Antrim can’t even …