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Not old, but funny - You just can't get good staff these days

OK, it's not old, but the problem of getting good service/ staff is.  I was send this dialogue by a friend in work.  I have changed his surname; otherwise it is as written.


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It’s a transcript of a conversation I had with my dentist’s receptionist.
The basic principle is that you have to ring up and speak to the receptionist who deals with your dentist – they WILLL NOT deal with another dentist’s patients and that’s been drummed into the patients for years………

Me: Rings dentist Dentist Receptionist: Hello Me: Hi – I wonder could you put me through to the receptionist that deals with Mark’s appointments Dentist’s Receptionist: Any one of us can deal with that Me: OK, Thanks – could I make an appointment with Mark Please? Dentist’s Receptionist: Mark Who? Me: Eh, sorry? Dentist’s Receptionist: Mark WHO? Me: Mark….. the Dentist….. Dentist’s Receptionist: He doesn’t work here anymore – his calls are being dealt with by Andrew Me: Fine, whatever, could I…

Social History Part 2 - A Rolex with a story to tell.

Of myth and reality.

If you have read my write up of putting Boomers bike on the roof at the Paddock you will already have seen how a story can take on a life of its own in 30 years or so.This tale came to my part of the family around 70 years ago, but originates another 30 years before that.It was only after noticing a discrepancy in an old photo that I did a little research and found out that the story as told was not entirely true.This is a great pity, because in my humble opinion, the myth is a far better story than the reality, but read on and make up your own mind.
First lots of background info I’m afraid.
This story comes from my Mum’s side of our family, (which you may remember comes from Co. Sligo), and became real for me through a little gold watch that lay in her jewellery box.I was fascinated by it as a child because the back of the case hinged open to reveal the intricate mechanism ticking as its cogs slowly turned.The makers name (Rolex), meant nothing to me then.It didn’t …

A Tour of the Ards.

This article was originally published in the June 2010 edition of Minnesota Motorcycle Monthly.  The bike had featured in the magazine before, hence the familiarity of the first few paragraphs.  The whole thing was done as a reply to a 'Geezer with a Grudge' column.

After major surgery on its cylinder heads and a whole series of maintenance tasks and modifications, my old R75/6 lives again.The last of its original oil seals in the bevel drive have been replaced, and I have fitted a later swinging arm with a shock absorber in the shaft drive.A new horn replaces the feeble original, and an up rated alternator now gives me scope to plan a whole new series of alterations.All in all it’s been a busy winter, but a month or two of commuting has shown that things have bedded in and my confidence in its reliability has been restored.

You may wonder why anyone would want to be bothered with all this hassle to keep a 1974 bike on the road rather than si…

Social History - Part 1 - Growing up in Ireland in the 30's and 40's

My mother died earlier this year, so while her stories of growing up and making her way her in Ireland are still fresh, I thought I would write a few down.  I hope you enjoy them.  _____ We all know that the last 40 years or so have been a time of massive change throughout the world, not least because of technological change.The transformation of Ireland from insular island to outgoing European state has been no less spectacular in that time.Go back another 40 or 50 years beyond that, a time still in the living memory of many of our older citizens, equally great influences like the great depression, world war and the birth pains of the Free State itself were making their mark.Into this maelstrom, in 1929, my mother was born on a small farm in the Ox Mountains of Co. Sligo, right on the border with Mayo.
The middle child of three, they seem to have had an idyllic upbringing. My grandfather was obviously in love, for at some point the family moved to a farm near Coolaney, Co. Sligo, and f…

Paddock Days - Part 2 - Practical jokes and lessons in life.

This series of articles was originally published at:
The photos were taken at the Mourne Rally about 1980 or so.

There is at least one urban myth about the Paddock that is still circulating in local bars.I know this because after a recent night out with his now middle aged biking mates, my brother surprised me by recounting the story when I visited him. What I thought had passed to the realm of a few peoples memory seems, like all good myths, to have developed a life of its own and to have grown with time and grey hair.But I know the less exotic truth, because I was there.

Let’s call the antihero of this story Boomer, to protect the guilty you understand, for he is now a settled family man and comes complete with a wife, a daughter and a caravan.It’s a daft name I know, but you should try finding one that hasn’t been used at some point by the myriad of souls who attached themselves to this place, and given the subject matter to be discussed here, I wouldn’t …